Superman and the Spiders

This is an interview with Kevin Smith, a screen writer once tasked with the effort of producing a script for a new superman movie. I found it funny. He’s an interesting character, and outlines how he got this gig, how he created this script under the requirements given to him (a non-flying superman that doesn’t wear a costume) and how he dealt with a rather odd producer (Jon Peters). It’s worth a watch. The punch line comes at the end.

For those of you who don’t know, Kevin Smith is an actor / producer / writer involved with Clerks, Chasing Amy, and plays Silent Bob in Jay and Silent Bob – a somewhat odd selection for a superman movie, but why not? I think this might actually have been a fun movie. A kind of mix of Superman and King Kong. Sort of.

Wonder Woman Gets New Costume

I’ve collected a lot of comics in my time, and Wonder Woman wasn’t one of them. Why? Well, for one thing, the plots were horrible. I never enjoyed them. And, for another thing, DC treated her like a female Barbie, with all sorts of relationship issues. I like the comics that focus on something horrible happening in the world, and the hero then stopping it (or trying). The one Wonder Woman comic I read had something to do with spies, poison makeup, and an irritating boyfriend.

Comics seem to be a mostly male-oriented hobby. I’ve never been to a comic convention, but I’ve seen pictures, and from those pictures I can assume that most of the women present there are paid models dressing up like heroes in order to draw the crowds. I mean, what guy doesn’t want to look at girls dressed up in super hero costumes? It only makes sense that the various booths that have it together hire some hot talent to pull in the business.

In any case, it seems that DC has a new artists (previously an XMan artist) and he’s decided to “modernize” Wonder Woman’s costume. Frankly, I have no problem with this. In fact, it’s about time. Most of the super hero costumes could use an upgrade. Except, maybe, Batman. Next, I’d like to see someone do something about Aquaman. What a dumb-ass looking costume that poor bastard was saddled with. But this is beside the point. The point is that Wonder Woman has a new outfit, and it’s the one in the picture.

What do you think? Frankly, I like it. It certainly beats fighting crime in a bathing suite, even if that’s what the Amazons all wear on Paradise Island. I’m not so sure about the jacket, but I like the shoe-things (whatever those are) and the bracers look wicked. Lets call it a “cold weather” uniform for non-tropical climates. If she wants to fight crime in the tropics, she can switch back to her underwear.

Now if it were only made out of nanotech mesh that transforms into anything she’d like to be wearing so that she can easily switch back and forth. But, hey, what would the Amazons be doing with technology like that?

Blogging for Charity

Bearman is a cartoonist who creates and posts a regular series of cartoons about various topics, sometimes political and sometimes social. He’s currently donating money to a food bank for blog roll additions, banners and guest cartoon submissions.

Bear Man Charity Challenge

This sounds like a pretty good cause to me, so I’m sticking his banner up here.  Click the banner above for more information. Click the banner below if you just want to visit his site and cost him some money.

Half Assed Snippets

Introducing Snippets

I get paid to produce fully-assed work, so don’t ask me for that. However, I’ve got plenty of half-assed work just laying around, so I thought I’d put some of it in here for posterior posterity. Therefore, I am creating the Snippets page to serve as a container for all the half-assed BS I tend to start and never finish. Snippets will be the bits and pieces of things that make up everything else. Sort of like atoms. Maybe I’ll do something with them later, but since I never do anything with atoms, why should I expect to do anything with snippets?

I’m thinking there are a lot of fun short little stories that don’t have a good beginning or an ending out there, just looking to be written. This is a procrastinators delight. I can start that “If Jesus was a Vampire” book I’ve been wanting to write. Or my “Fifteen Pies to Avoid,” article. Or maybe that “How to Lose Weight by Starving Yourself” manual. Then there’s the “Twelve Steps to a Larger Penis” self-help guide that I know is going to make me rich. Or “Frozen Vegetables for Paraplegics” cook book I was going to do (but was so politically incorrect that I could never get it published).

In short, snippets is for everything – in short! And, if you’re interested in reading them, go ahead. But, if you don’t want to read them, then that’s fine too. I mean, who wants to read a bunch of stupid shit with no real beginning or end? Well… okay, this does describe a certain amount of published work, but this is unpublished. It doesn’t count. It’s not even real (much like me). So why not read something thrown together by a figment of your own imagination. It’s sort of like a dream within a dream, which is just strange enough to pay attention to.

Unfinished Toon

Some Caption Goes Here

So I was goofing around with the smart pen the other day, and I managed to draw this. I wanted to make a political cartoon for Bearman, but I couldn’t come up with anything to put on the board, and a suitable caption that would be funny.

I guess the problem is primarily that I didn’t want to be too politically incorrect, and yet I didn’t want to be completely meaningless. There’s a balance somewhere. Plus, I wanted it to be funny, but I couldn’t think of anything relevant to the news today that might relate to a guy drawing something on a board.

There’s two parts to this cartoon – what goes on the board, and what goes in the caption underneath. It provides the writer with a one-two punch. You can put something crazy in the image, and then describe it in the caption.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Maybe I’ll take the best one and finish the cartoon. Oh, and yeah, I realize now that I put his left hand on his right arm. How embarrassing! Geez. I must be losing it. This morning I paid for gas and then drove off without pumping it. Getting old is scares the shit out of me sometimes.


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