Halo 4 Election Day Release

And so it begins, the latest in the Halo series, released on Election Day 2012. Will it slow voting? And if it does, who will it hurt the most, conservatives, or liberals? Polls have shown that young voters are less interested in this election than in 2008, and may simply stay home to play Halo 4.

Get out and vote, you idiots. If I hear one of you bastards bitching about the election and you tell me “yeah, I stayed home and played Halo,” I can tell you this. My team of crack Halo gamers is going to get online and we will find you. Yes, we’re going to hunt you down and spawn kill you for the next four years. We”ll figure out where you’re camping and pwn your nOOb ass. Your giblets are OURS, dweez. Prepare for a hefty fragging.

YOU have been WARNED.

That is all.


4 Responses

  1. Have discussed this possibility with The Son. It was an ugly scenario even before your threat. Smart gamers, in order to avoid undue deaths from your rampaging hoard, will have voted early. Besides, can’t have a dumb ol’ election cutting into opening day play time!

    Personally, I’ll be somewhere deep in Borderlands, trying desperately to avoid the blathering of the TV pundits all day. They’re probably already analyzing their first exit poll.

    • How is Borderlands 2? The first one had a lot of language in it, and I did’t want to play it around the kids. I was HOPING they’d put in a switch for the expletives to turn it off. I still don’t know why more games don’t do that. Anyway, I’m looking forward to picking up a copy around Christmas, and I hope I don’t have to hide from my kids again when I want to play it.

  2. I don’t play Halo….get sick playing first person games

    • If you get sick when playing first person games, then I can see why you don’t play them. I only get sick when I have the flu. It sucks. Oh, and food poisoning, I had that a couple times too. Horrible. If that’s how you feel when you play first person shooters, then it makes perfect sense to avoid them. If you’re ever captured by terrorists and tortured, they’ll probably set you down in a chair and peel your eyelids back to make you watch first person shooters. Remember Clockwork Orange? Yeah, very nasty. Hope they don’t play your favorite music.

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