Nearly Unbelievable – Cannibal Cop

This should be fiction, but it is not.

A NYPD cop with 6 years on the force conspired to kidnap, rape, murder, cook, and then cannibalize 100 women. He’s been arrested and suspended without pay. He was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and one count of illegally accessing and getting information from the National Crime Information Center database to locate potential targets, scouting potential targets at their homes and workplaces.

Gilberto Valle apparently discussed the plans with other men on a website for people who fantasize about cannibalism. He was in contact with at least two women in his list of 100 women located on his computer, each with a photo, personal info, addresses, etc. His computer also contained an action plan for implementing his first attack, a blueprint for abducting her and eating her, and a list of “materials needed.” He even had a co-conspirator, who Gilberto was going to charge $5000 to be able to participate.

The women are still in the process of being notified by federal authorities. They are apparently both in the US and overseas.


This is one seriously sick individual. I’d expect a story like this to appear in a tabloid, but it comes from CNN. I’m blown away. It appears that a serial killer equivalent to Dalmer or Ridgeway has been stopped prior to committing his crimes. I hope very much they can keep it that way. This is not someone that should be loose on the streets, ever. He will, of course, defend himself by claiming it was all fantasy, but it looks like they’ve got enough evidence to prevent that. Hopefully the jury won’t be a collection of idiots.

9 Responses

  1. Eww, that’s just too creepy. At least they caught this particular nut job before he did something horrible.

    • Yes. Now, can we keep him from acting on his fantasies? If he’s released, and he then commits murder, will we then just bitch about our legal system?

  2. His lawyer, a woman, has already offered that very defense. Essentially paraphrased, ” He was only playing.”

    Except for the fact that he illegal accessed a law enforcement database to gain information about real women.

    • . . .he illegally accessed . . .

      and. . . .

      The real women had no idea they were part of his fantasy game.

    • The article also mentioned his plans and that he involved another person in a “bargain” of some kind. This might not be a crime, I’m not sure. I think hiring an assassin to kill some one is tantamount to intent to commit murder. I don’t know the legal system will enough to say this gives precedent for prosecution along those lines.

  3. I read that article, Writerdood, and at times couldn’t tell if it was the Inquirer, Star or CNN websites that I was reading. Particularly bizarre was the description of keeping the women alive for as long as possible while slow-cooking. Believe it or not, such stories are out there all the time and we’re also seeing here a change in editorial decision-making on the part of CNN on what to print as ‘news’. I suppose that the fact that the guy was a cop was newsworthy.

    Being particularly adept at using the internet databases and search-engines and going where he shouldn’t have gone while off duty may be the real crime here. For, other than using a database reserved for authorities, this may all have all been just fantasy. I don’t know. But there is the ‘slippery slope’ consideration that we are beginning to think like the “Minority Report” authorities who make arrests and prosecute prior to the offense being committed.

    How many are guilty of going to a teen porn or sex fantasy website? Assuming they found only actors and fantasy there, would it have been any less of a crime than what this cop did?

    It sounded like this guy was more actively engaging others in his fantasy than the usual thrill seeker. But there are many sex role-play venues out there that are every bit as active. Do we arrest them all for crimes contemplated but as yet unfulfilled?

    • Yes, I admit that sometimes it smacks of minority report and the future crimes division. Surely there is a line to cross – and I believe that making concrete plans to act on a crime, and involving others in the crime, are that line, and this guy crossed it. Still, you are correct in that the only actual “crime” he committed was abusing his access to the National Crime Information Center database for what he will undoubtedly claim was “personal amusement.”

      What the jury will have to decide – assuming the legal system allows it – is whether the evidence is enough to warrant his punishment for his intention to commit a crime without actually doing it. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know what they can actually charge him with. To me, given the information I have available from the article, it looks clear that he intended to act upon his “fantasies,” and actually kidnap, rape, cook, and cannibalize at least the first woman. Typically, with this type of crime, once they get away with it once, they continue until caught.

      Also, I will admit some cultural bias against individuals that suffer from this type of perversion. Perhaps it is wrong of me to label them as deviant scum that shouldn’t be on the street, but that is my perspective and prerogative, after all. And as a father, I have an interest in the safety of my children. And when a police officer, who has power over non-police, shows a propensity to abuse power on this level with this degree of sexual deviance, I see reason to act in an extreme fashion. Simply slapping him on the wrist and firing him from his job does not seem enough to me. It does not guarantee the safety of others once he is released and allowed to continue his “fantasies.”

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined the police force because he was fascinated with murder. Just like arsonists who join the fire services, he was using the police force as a shield of protection. In fact he would have probably been the first to volunteer to be on the investigation of his own crimes. Sicko.
    I remember reading about Ted Bundy’s lawyer. Bundy had approached him to be his lawyer out of the blue. Evidently it wasn’t as random as he thought. Years prior, the lawyer’s girlfriend had been murdered on a university campus and the crime remained unsolved. This was around the time Bundy was on his murderous spree.

    • Good point.

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