For Love of Corona

I haven’t had a good Corona with lime in a while. I was thinking about this on the way in from work, remembering my time in Okinawa. While on deployment there during my time in the USMC, we only had two types of beer available to us: Miller and Schlitz.

Miller is an interesting beer. If you’ve ever drank too much beer and had to throw up, that taste you have in your mouth after vomiting is exactly identical to Miller. For this reason, I do not drink Miller beer. It is, (to me), vomit. Of course one could easily say that this is a specific mental response associated with the memory of an incident where one has gone through a particularly distasteful incident with that particular substance, but I don’t agree. As I recall, the first time I drank Miller, my thought was immediately the same – as in “this tastes like puke!” It wasn’t that I got sick on Miller, it’s that it reminded me of getting sick previously. Hence forth, I have always perceived Miller beer as tasting like puke.

For me, the only option was to get used to Schlitz. I should add that this was also the first time in my experience where vending machines actually sold beer. You don’t see this much in the States, but in Japan beer vending machines (along with all sorts of other objects) were commonplace. But, while I did get used to the taste of Schlitz malt liqueur beer, (and it does still bring back fond memories), I prefer light somewhat skunky Mexican beers more. Why? I suppose that’s a memory as well.

Corona with lime reminds me of Tijuana and the semi-fun times we had there. It also reminds me of San Diego and the beach at Coronado. The sun, the sand, the surf. The bowling! We spent a lot of time at the bowling alley in Coronado drinking Coronas. I’m an unpredictable bowler. I never know what I’m going to get when I throw a ball. About fifty percent of the time I can hit a strike. The rest of the time the ball goes wild. We also drank Coronas on the San Onofre and San Clemente beaches. Those are wonderful places to hang out and relax. Just the smell of a Corona with lime reminds me of the beach. We didn’t drink Schlitz at the beach if we could help it. No, the beach is for lighter beers with that lime taste. Schlitz is more like an indoor beer for when you’re trapped somewhere you don’t want to be.

Weird how the taste of certain things gets associated with specific places and specific things. I suppose it’s a scent memory. But now, when I’m stuck inside and its raining and miserable like it is now, I can have a Corona and remember better times.

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  1. I don’t like “beer,” in general (I’ve tried) but I can handle a Newcastle or a Weiss beer. It has to be fairly bitter or it all tastes like a combo of puke and piss to me (and I’ve never puked beer or drank piss–that I know of).

    It’s neat you associate flavors with places/ times. It’s often written that scents do that — and I find that works for me, too. Sometimes even the “light” of a place reminds me of another time/ place–not flavors, though.

    • It’s probably more the scent than the flavor of the beer. Actually, I suspect it’s more the lime than the beer, but there’s a combination of the two – specifically with Corona – that makes a memorable scent.

  2. Your post reminded me of why I don’t like strawberry ice cream. It tastes like sour milk to me – which I really hate being a dairy fanatic and all. As for beer, I hate the taste of any kind of alcohol – a fact I’ve tried to obscure behind all kinds of “growing up surrounded by alcoholics” psycho-babble. Of course, my distaste isn’t for lack of trying, and the Falstaff vending machines in my barracks at Offutt AFB seemed absolutely heaven-sent to a 17 year old wannabe cool guy.

    Jeez, talk about wanting to edit my comments…

    • Needing to shove my foot even further down my throat – Oh I forgot: The description of your bowling style is reminiscence of Charlie Sheen’s “Vaughn” character in Major League. Hope no one was harmed in the process!😉

      • I’ve never thrown the ball into another lane – that I can remember.:)

  3. Haven’t been a big beer (or any alcohol) drinker since college, when I drank my lifetime quota of Coors during my freshman year in Boulder. I do love lime, however, and am occasionally tempted to try one of the lime beers now on the market. On the odd occasion when I do have a beer, it must be ice cold, preferably dark, and accompanied by a hot gooey pizza.

    • Yes, my wife prefers the amber beers. I like them too, particularly Killians Red, although it’s been harder to find lately. Full Sale amber and Alaskan amber are good too.

  4. Not a big corona fan. If I am going for the fruity beer, I’ll drink bud light lime. Now Miller Chill which is supposed to be similar just tastes like salt

    • If I drink Bud, I prefer the Clamato variety. That’s some pretty good stuff. Most beer is pretty good with Clamato or tomato juice in it though, except Miller. I just can’t stand that beer.

  5. I love a really malty beer, but I still like a Corona with lime. It reminds me of going to Cancun with my husband when we were dating. I thought he was soooo sophisticated. Of course, now I know the truth…

    • Yes, I like the malty ones too. Even the bitter ones. I’m not too fussy really. Except for Miller.

  6. Well, I’m a guy with absolutely NO taste – maybe. Haven’t found a beer I don’t like, yet – I’ll keep on searching though. :)

    • Yes, keep searching and you’ll probably find one eventually.:)

      • Try a Miller!!!!

  7. […] For Love of Corona – I haven’t had a good Corona with lime in a while. I was thinking about this on the way in from work, remembering my time in Okinawa. While on deployment there during my time in the USMC, we only had two types of beer available to us: Miller and Schlitz. […]

    • Thanks Bill.

  8. Speaking of drinks that make you puke. I can not, to this day, use coconut smelling suncream after getting wasted on Malibu in my younger years 😦

    My fav beer is Fat Yak and Stella Artois

  9. Dark rum always reminds me of wedding receptions.
    Rootbeer reminds me of A&W, but only A&W rootbeer.

    Whiskey reminds me of everything else. hee hee!

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