Dermatologists Hate Her

Psycho MomLocal Mom goes on killing spree. Slaughters dozens of dermatologists. Uses their skin to make wrinkle cream. Looking twenty years younger, the police can’t identify her from mug shots. Also works on fingerprints, she reveals. Previous attempts using Pirate’s Booty, gorilla sperm, and bouncy castle plastic all failed. Don’t pay thousands for worthless laser abrasion therapy, she contends. Offers her secret recipe for a price. Now you can look young too.

And maybe a little psycho.

37 Responses

  1. Umm, I don’t know really how to respond to this😦

    Psst I have the recipe, stole it from Coca Cola.

    • Well, I don’t recommend sleeping with coke on your face. You might end up peeling something off the next day, but it will probably be your face.

    • does she really kill people?

  2. What if she artificially impregnates the dermatologists, and then drugs them and steals their embryos for stem cells? How gross is that? This post made me happy. How twisted is that?

    • After reading these stupid ads, I think anything twisted having to do with them makes perfect sense. They drive me nuts. Dermatologists hate her. Give me a break!

    • yeah what if she did do it youy’rec right that is really gross i think she deserves tro be sentenced and should be in jail for a longtime

      • If they could only catch her.

  3. Those darn matologist are always doing weird stuff!

    • They’re a crazy bunch!

  4. That’s a really creepy photo

    • Yeah, what is that stuff? It looks like she put saran wrap on her face and stuck her head in the microwave. That’s probably the secret! Whoa!

  5. it elmers glue

    • yea it does tighten if you put it on your palm of your hand and let it air dry used to do it as a kid in school

  6. WTF!!!

    • FTW??

  7. how stupid are you people…????


  8. What’s the cream u use

    • Ajax.

  9. she should eat her skin!

    • I think she did. Actually, I think she smoked it.

  10. that not a old person i see hair in her back she wearing a wig i see that add everytime i get online so don,t believe this add it all lie

    • It’s interesting that you think it’s a lie. I mean, it’s on the internet, so obviously it must be true.

    • your soooooo right

      • YOU’RE. Don’t ever do that again.

  11. if you think everything you see on the internet is true, you are stupid!

    • But… it’s the internet! The internet wouldn’t lie would it? I’ll have to Google this and check!

  12. whats the secret?!

    • Who knows? Do you really care? I guess you must, or you wouldn’t be trying to figure it out. I guess I can assume you want to look younger? In that case, I can’t help you. The only thing I can advise is freezing yourself until technology advances to the point that they can revive you and give you new skin. There are organizations you can contact for this. You’re supposed to be dead first though, so you may want to talk to them about it. They’re not allowed to freeze you until you’re dead, because we don’t currently have the technology to ensure we’ll be able to revive you later. Don’t try this at home!

  13. I know you probably found a simple remedy for face renewal but if you found it don’t you think someone else has found it to. Your not the only person in this world. Again in simple formalities the world don’t revolve around you, you revolve around the world and also you only get out of the world what you put in it.

    • Thank you for validating my existence with your post. However, I regret to inform you that I am merely a figment of your imagination. You’ve been writing this blog in your sleep for some time now. As your figment, I feel responsible for informing you that you should really seek therapy before you loose it entirely.

  14. WTF i don’t get this????????? 😮

    • If you don’t get it now, consider yourself lucky. And remember, skin products go on the outside.

  15. Am I the only one who gets this? It’s called SARCASM people!! Lol:) xx

  16. wow that is soooooooooo fake cos u can see the wig shes wearing cos in the back its long blonde!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yeah those dumb dermatologists. They’re smart enough to get a medical degree but too dumb to work out what some glue sniffing mum realised after she missed with the glue and got it stuck all over her face.

  18. Ol boy is super funny damnit! I got here by mistake but im glad. I feel better. Cause a moment ago I was trying to figure out how to choke my man out without leaving indentions on his throat yet still getting physical enjoyment from it. Now I just wanna help make gullible morons feel dumber. Cause its funny,and funny is fun to me. its you’re dont ever do that again….Laughing my round firm ass off!

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