On a Good Day…

The Question Is…

What is the question?

Why should you care?

Why should anyone care?

Are there anymore frozen waffles in the freezer?

While Tiger Woods gets out of sex therapy and his wife tries to decide whether or not she can handle a public life stained with his indecency, the politicians of our country continue to fight over healthcare for political clout, and our soldiers keep killing and dying in the biggest poppy producing nation in the world. You think I’m insane? You think You’re insane?

Maybe we’re ALL insane.

Religious extremists are promoting an anti-abortion agenda at the expense of everything else. They see abortion as murder, and are probably be willing to put ANYONE in charge of the government in order to make it illegal. (Hitler comes to mind) It isn’t about partial birth abortion, or stem cell research, it’s about the entire concept of abortion being legal. To them it’s murder. Murder is murder – and they won’t stop until murder is no longer allowed. This in itself wouldn’t be scary if it weren’t for the fact that they have drug all of the rest of the right wing along with them in one big group. And THIS is how Bush got elected twice. Want to do it again?

Atheists and non-Christians are getting pissed, partly because religious organizations keep shoving shit in their noses. When you don’t want to drink the Kool Aid, you generally keep your mouth shut. But lately the religious and the unreligious seem to have been going out of their way to trade barbs with each other. If it’s not a nativity scene at a court house, it’s the concept of “intelligent design” or a re-write of the bible to make it more conservative. Another holy war is just what we need. But a holy war inside the country? How long has this shit been brewing? What can the ultimate resolution be? Seems like this country was founded on freedom of religion, so who gets to say what’s real and what’s for sale? There’s the query. There’s the button. Push it and see what happens. I guarantee you it won’t be pretty. And what’s it all about? A picture in a textbook. The view of reality that we present to our children. A book full of fairy tales to some, and tomb of ancestral knowledge to others. Here’s an idea – let’s kill each other over it!

Or maybe not…

Hatred gets spewed by one side, and disgust gets spewed by the other. The left thinks the right is stupid, and the right thinks the left is bereft of ethics and morals. Both are correct, of course – to one extent or another. The battle goes on. Should we stop taking care of old people? Should we make young people pay for insurance so that the old people can get health care? Should we let anything happen if it makes the other side look good? Fuck the benefits to the people, if it comes at the expense of making the Liberals look like they got something done, then the people can go to hell.

Throughout all of this, the universe keeps spinning. Sooner or later there will be a supernova in our local area of the galaxy, one bright enough to be visible during the day. Sooner or later there will be a major earthquake in a major city and a shitload of people will die. Sooner or later there will be a massive drought, and food prices will go through the roof. Millions will die. Sooner or later some asshole country will set off a nuclear weapon and dump tons of radioactive material into the atmosphere. Hundreds of thousands will die, but millions will get cancer because of it. Sooner or later a deadly virus will appear from some weird mutation, and we won’t be able to come up with a cure fast enough. Millions, maybe even billions, will die. Even some of the atheists will pray. But it won’t matter. Society will live through it – pass through it – changed in ways we can’t even imagine. Sooner or later our sun will release a massive solar flare that will screw up our satellites and wreak havoc with our communications and computer networks, causing blackouts all over the world, followed by riots and civil unrest. Sooner or later mankind will learn how to create an artificial mind that thinks like we do, and unleash who knows what kind of social change into our midst. Sooner or later our world will be hit by an asteroid or a meteor of a size large enough to cause the plate boundaries on our world to break apart and shift globally, blanketing the atmosphere in ash and fire. Billions will die in a plague of starvation, and a new ice age will come.

Or we could be ready for it. We could get our act together. We could start regulating our population, and maintain it. We could ensure our children are educated with goals in mind. We could watch the heavens and be ready with a plan to stop an asteroid collision. We could prepare a plan to deal with plague – one that would isolate individual pockets of society into cells to stop an epidemic.

There are a lot of things we could do. A LOT of them. But we aren’t going to do them, are we? We’re going to fight for political reasons. We’re going to kill for money. And we’re going to hate each other over religious choices and our own personal illusions of right and wrong.

Damn but I’m optimistic today!

29 Responses

  1. Yeah, um… I’m sorry. I got all passionate and shit. I should have just kept my mouth shut and stayed apathetic.

    • S’aright man.
      We all lose it from time to time.

      • Did you just write something and then respond to yourself as if you were a different person…hmmmmm

      • Why yes.
        Yes we did.

      • Walking away slowly….now running.

  2. I hear ya, dood! Who needs Hell when we’ve got the world around us? But that reminds me of the line from Stephen King’s The Stand, “We’re all dead, and this is Hell.” It’s where the title to my blog comes from.

    • Thanks.

      I’ve read The Stand several times, but I don’t remember the ice water reference. To be fair, though, it was probably quite some time ago, and my brain is less functional now than it used to be. Great book. Probably his best, really. Even the movie was enjoyable – if only for the fact that the book was so good.

      • Sorry, that’s not what I meant. The title derives from a thought chain starting with the line from The Stand and ending with what people say when you bitch about things that they think can’t be helped: “People in Hell want ice water.”

      • I could use some ice water…

  3. Rant much? Oh boy , someone didn’t get his Wheaties today 😦 .

    I remember as a child being traumatized at school after watching Threads and then the teacher getting us to practice hiding under tables, just in case Russian hit the button.
    Now I look at our sorry little world and think we are all doomed. We plough 100s upon 100’s of millions into third world countries every year and yet they fail to improve even an itsy bit in their standard of living. One friggin dam, birth control pills, green houses, irrigation, removal of dictators…zip, nada, zilch. The friggin Romans were using aquaducts for goodness sakes. Western Australia has a 800km friggin water pipe pumping water to desert areas. No wonder people don’t believe we got to the friggin moon!
    How can you have a population that would work for next to nothing, with a nice supply of dollars ( thanks to charities and wealthy nations) and they still friggin fail?

    Then we have the Ahole bankers/corporates who continue to rape and pillage OUR money with the blessing of the government.

    Monopolies, pollution, exploitation, environmental abuse, corruption, global warming, and friggin senseless 911 calls…..I hear a new Billy Joel hit in the air🙂

    We are doomed I say, doomed…..can you pass me the Wheaties?

    • Ice water, anyone?😆

    • Doom!

  4. “hell is other people” – jean-paul sartre

    “hell is other people who can’t execute critical thinking skills” – daisyfae

    we’ve lost the ability to manage intelligent debate (at least in the US) making all politics pointless and the population ungovernable.

    can i have some ice water please?

    • Well said! And so descriptive of the “ice water” I’ve been pleading for but almost never get!🙂

    • We can defeat anything except our own stupidity.
      We have met the enemy, and we is them.
      We in big trouble.

  5. Wow Dood. I think this is your best rant ever.
    I strongly suggest you post this at Bloggers Unite.

    • Thanks.
      I’ve never heard of them.
      You have a link?

    • I went there and had a look, but couldn’t find a category that would fit this post. It’s too general, and the categories are all pretty specific.

  6. It’s hard not to feel bleak these days isn’t it?

    • Yes.
      Tonight I will put whiskey in my beer and play video games with my kids. That may be the best solution. At least I will be less bleak for a little while, and I won’t be obsessing on the various holocausts coming our way that we aren’t doing anything about.

  7. You gotta cut it out with that optimism. Seriously. It’ll be the death of you. Try unrelenting rage instead. It’s good for the ol’ ticker.

    • I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.

  8. I was a single parent, and one time I was watching a British special on a nuclear war. I got totally absorbed by it, it was that good, and forgot my son, age 9 at the time, was also watching it. I looked over and he was crying, which made me turn it off. Stupid me.

    The thing is, this is a small blue marble in a universe that could care less we’re here. Modern man, that is man since he learned to both create a language and write, has been around for what, five-six thousand years? Correct me if I’m wrong . . .

    Point being, we will not last long enough to come close to the length of time the dinosaurs ruled; we’ll be long gone and forgotten by this planet. And yet we think we’re really something special, and the marks we leave will mean something.

    Sorry, Charlie, the sands of time will wipe out all signs of us ever having been here, and still the universe will persevere, and it wont even know or care one way or the other. So enjoy life: it’s the only one we’ll ever get.

    • Thanks, I feel a lot better now.

      I wonder what Dinosaur meat would have tasted like?
      Probably chicken.

      • See! I knew telling you your an insignificant piece of shit would brighten your day🙂 Works for me all the time!

        I have it on really really good authority, and presented to me by my friends at http://creationmuseum.org/ , who really, really know about such things because they say so, that Dinosaur meat tastes like shit. That’s why you never see pictures of cavedoods sitting around a cave eating dino-burgers.

      • I think it’s what we all need.🙂

  9. Damn, dood. Ruin my day, why doncha.

    • Sorry.
      At least today is a better day.

      Unless you live in Chile.
      Come to think of it, your day probably isn’t so hot if you’re living in Hawaii either.

      • Man I’ve got to hand it to those Chileans. It takes a lot of balls (?) to keep living in the vicinity of the world’s most powerful recorded earthquake! 1960 Valdivia Earthquake

        But then who knew it could happen again?

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