Trailer-Trash Sweet-n-Sour

Some people I’ve given this recipe have asked my why I call it trailer trash food when I wasn’t living in a trailer when I came up with it. To be fair, I was living in a house, but that house was under renovation and all of the sheet rock had been removed. Essentially, I was living in a huge room with transparent plastic sheets for walls. And I was working a graveyard security job at the time, so I was sleeping during the day. I’d come home to half a kitchen (because half the cabinets had been removed) and try to sleep while my friend (who owned the house) occasionally came over to work on it. Yes, it sounds awful, and it was. Everything I owned ended up covered in sheet rock dust, and I didn’t get a lot of sleep. Plus, I was in college, so I was trying to study in this environment too. But I suppose I really shouldn’t bitch about it. It was a roof over my head, and the rent was very low. Essentially all I had to do was pay for the power – which turned out to be damned expensive because there was no insulation. But that’s another story.

It wasn’t Hell. It wasn’t even close. It was just pretty fucking bad.

Bottom line – this is not a true “trailer trash” recipe. It’s more like a “remodel recipe” or a “demolition recipe.” Although this isn’t a recipe I could have come up with when I was living in my van, because you really need a stove. I mean, I didn’t do a lot of cooking when I was living in my van, because I didn’t have a camping stove or access to electricity. However, I won’t say that you can’t make this recipe if you’re homeless, because you can- easily. That’s the beauty of it, you can make this sweet and sour almost anywhere, and out of almost any kind of meat. (Although pork or chicken is still probably better than beef or pigeon). Rabbit and snake would work just fine if you’re so inclined. Aardvark or turtle would probably be good too. But chicken and pork are probably the easiest to get access to.

So here’s the trick – it consists of two primary ingredients – Yoshidas sauce and Salsa. That’s it. Use about two parts Yoshida to one part salsa. The type of salsa you use makes a big difference. If you like it hotter, then go for hot. If you like it chunky, than use salsa with big pieces of onion and tomato in it. Pace works pretty good, although I’ve done it with just about anything. You can get Yoshida’s sauce virtually anywhere, although it’s cheapest at Costco where you can get it in economy-sized containers.


  • Yoshida’s classic marinade
  • Salsa of your choice (I recommend mild and chunky)
  • Some kind of meat (chicken or pork work best)
  • Can of chopped pineapple (optional)


While the exact proportions can vary a bit, I think around 2 parts Yoshidas to one part salsa works good, although there’s nothing wrong with 50/50 if you like a more salsa taste. Throw in a can of chopped pineapple if you want to make it more “Hawaiian.”

Put all the ingredients in a crock pot and let them cook for at least four hours. If you don’t have a crock pot and you’re homeless and all you’ve got is a paint can over a fire, you can still make this recipe. Heck, if you don’t have chicken or pork, cut up a block of spam and throw it in. (Although this is not going to be fantastic mind you). The type of chicken won’t matter much. You can also use pigeon (although cook it first because they often have parasites in the meat).

The taste of the completed product will vary depending on the quality of your ingredients. Assuming you use a crock pot and chicken breast, your end result will be very palatable. I mean, you can’t really mess this up. How can you screw up Yoshida’s and salsa? And it tastes great – like high quality sweet and sour. Your dinner guests will never know it’s a trailer trash recipe.

No, I’m not shitting you. Try it and see. It’s good stuff man. I’ve eaten a lot of this, and it keeps getting better every single time I eat it!

8 Responses

  1. I don’t know Writer Dood , you pretty much lost me at Yoshida’s classic marinade…can I substitute vegemite?

    • You know, I’ve never actually had vegemite, but that might work. Tell you what, put some vegemite in a blender with a bunch of brown sugar and teriyaki sauce, then blend it up real good and give that a try with the salsa. It might work! Could be a little thin though. You might need to thicken it with some flour or corn starch.

      • I think Cheesemite works better with this recipe.

      • Is that a real product, or something in your pants?

      • It’s real.. Vegemite with cheese

      • Well, give it a shot. Sounds like it might be better in cheese fondu though. I’ve got a decent fondu recipe too. It’s easy.

        1 can Campbells cheddar cheese soup
        1 pack of Velveeta
        1 cup of half and half
        2 cans of shrimp (the really little ones)
        Cayenne pepper to taste

        Mix the ingredients in a double boiler if you have one, and heat them slowly until they all melt together, stirring as you go. I usually put the shrimp in last after everything is melted. You’d probably want to put the cheesemite in then too.

        Eat it by dipping pears, apples, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, french bread, garlic bread, sourdough, any anything else good with cheese. Hell, if you really want to have fun, use those big Frito “Scoops.” They’re totally awesome.

        This is, of course, EXTREMELY unhealthy, and will kill you. But slowly.

  2. I’ve never heard of Youshida’s, but this sounds quick and interesting.

    • You can find Yoshida’s classic marinade at most grocery stores. Check the Asian food aisle. I usually get mine at Costco.

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